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Welcome to my journey of perfecting things, people and myself. This is my quest for perfection of self through the improvement of others. I produce systems which encourage growth. 

Rapid prototyping leads to rapid failure

This post is about lean startup, customer validation, rapid prototyping and other fancy words which are killing your company in a manner of nice English solicitor.

Never show unfinished products to your clients and ask for feedback. Junk should be called its real name. By giving it fancy names like minimum viable product you could only get maximum customer dissatisfaction. 

Lean startup means you are thin, poor and ugly. It means you do not have money nor time nor energy to do the things at the right standard. And most probably you are a pussy too. Screw lean, we need fat features and and true leadership. Not leanership. This is the cure for focus deficit disorder. Sadly enough focus groups are not the same as AA groups. Your focus is your product. 

Transformational power of your company lies in the single fact of shipping flawless product empowering your clients with benefits they cannot get anywhere else. And this is not easy. But we are not here for easy, aren't we?  

Customer validation. I love people who have the imagination to coin these phrases. Customer validation is revenue. Customer validation are margins. Clients who are not willing to pay margins are just squeezing every single energy cell out of your poor lean startup. Cancel the contracts. 

Free pilots. Free pilots are kamikaze pilots. Charge everything. Kerosine is flammable. Highly flammable. 

Fuck all that. Lets coin the word for new breed of Iron CEOs and cofounders. Focused habits. This is something we truly believe and you will have the opportunity to find out why. Soon. 

This blog post is written above Austria in Croatia Airlines plane returning home from Zagreb to Amsterdam. 

I am using this opportunity to say thanks to Croatia Airlines for their cramped seats which enabled me to accelerate from procrastination to purposefulness. 

Cosy life. Indeed.