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Welcome to my journey of perfecting things, people and myself. This is my quest for perfection of self through the improvement of others. I produce systems which encourage growth. 

I love you. And I am proud of you.

Comms are down

At Monolith our team is working around the clock to deliver the vision of frictionless shopping and world itself. Highly dedicated troops and fighters which I would never replace by 10 professionals against one Monolith trooper. 

But sometimes we do not answer important emails. I am the first one to blame. So I decided to change it. Comms are down. No more. 

I have decided to dispatch a letter to our team by inspiring myself with the work of the most famous Croatian thinker Vlado Gotovac whom I appreciate and admire. After hearing his speeches I immediately felt I need to address an important issue in his manner. Without further a due - here it is: 

Letter to MONOLITH

I am addressing you, worried about futile balance of unanswered emails, especially the 600 days email. Expectations and hopes which Monolith is grounding in your endeavours are lost or postponed to uncertainty. 

I love you and I am proud of you. Our company is based upon design for the success of others. Some people call it altruism. To exists means to mutually enable each other. 

Sometimes we are blurring our vision by radically changing messages, speeches and principles. But this is only because our time cannot endure subtle problems, but rather those capital ones - on any given Day. We are in the need of great stances and not skilled treatment of hidden details. I am not attacking such work. These procedures have their value though they cannot bring important solutions. 

What is needed is a vision worthy of our situation - both radical and comprehensive.

Semper Fidelis

The Impact

Not more then 10 minutes after I dispatched the letter I got a call from my friend and our Customer Satisfaction Director Chemel saying he was inspired by my email and that he is indeed writing his own story as we speak. That was enough for me. One person per email.