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Welcome to my journey of perfecting things, people and myself. This is my quest for perfection of self through the improvement of others. I produce systems which encourage growth. 

Getting to NO

One of the most powerful fears for every single person is to hear the word "No". 

This is what I was hearing all throughout my life.

When I was a kid I was kind of big and chubby. Girls said No. Writing poetry did not help. Yes was reserved for guys who knew how to ride bikes. 

Later I have started a sales career. No was part of my life. 

Today I hear No from my team on the number of occasions. 

Lets sell more of our goods. No we are not ready. 

But we are. 

Lets push our product. No we do not have the resources. 

But we are resourceful. 

Lets raise 5 million. No there are not much investors in Europe. 

But there are some. 

Even worse is that you start saying No to yourself. No way. 

No is cutting our lives. With the surgical precision. 

Suddenly No becomes a tool in our box. The desire for Yes seems to be hidden at the outskirts of our cognition. 

This story is and it has always been - about yes more then the no. 

Yes which we truly desire, every single one of us. 

written during a typically busy day.